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 We are a recognized, well-respected authority in vehicle extrication.

19 4 extrication instruction 2 tools instructor middleAt West Coast Fire & Rescue, we have trained hundreds of firefighters all over the Western U.S. with both classroom settings and live field hands on extrication cutting cars.  As focused experts in vehicle extrication techniques and tools, we have high standards for our continuous learning and sharing knowledge among rescue personnel. 

We offer custom live training packages to suit any department need, ranging from partial day classroom courses and technical demos, up to 2-day hands-on workshops.  Sample courses:

  • New Vehicle Anatomy:
    Learn the latest techniques in advanced extrication including the latest in rescuer safety, from airbags as well as other pyrotechnic impact protection features. Also featured will be up and coming advancements in metal alloys and their related problems for rescuers, seat belt pre-tensioners, and break-resistant glass and car fires.
  • Hybrid & Alternative Fuel Vehicles:
    Basic construction of a hybrid vehicle and the special challenges  a rescuer will face during an extrication along with a 10 point standard operating procedure for working on hybrids.
  • Lifting Bag Operations:
    Operations and use of lifting bags, care and maintenance of your lifting bag system.
  • Introduction to Holmatro:
    Theories & principals of hydraulics, maintenance,  troubleshooting and repair operations for Holmatro rescue tools.
  • Hands-on Extrication :
    Diverse scenarios and options for hands-on extrication technique. Equipment provided, small or large groups, 1-2 day workshops.


 Instructor Profile: Tracy Hoffman

Tracy Hoffman, West Coast Fire RescueTracy is the owner of West Coast Fire & Rescue. He is a veteran instructor of vehicle extrication techniques, leading more than 500 hands-on extrication demos and instruction courses.

Tracy participates in several regional fire symposiums as an instructor and over the years has cut apart an estimate of over 2,000 cars and trucks.  As an invited guest at automotive proving grounds, Tracy has first hand learning and cutting experienced with new metals, new vehicle anatomy and he has expertise in cutting apart newer model cars.

Since 1998, Tracy has been working exclusively with Holmatro Rescue tools and is the only certified Holmatro service technician within Washington state.

Our training is flexible to accommodate both large and small groups.   For large group training, we work with your department for team incident commanders and we can also bring in high quality guest instructors from our network of vehicle extrication rescue experts. 

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