Robopak Battery Units

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Run all of your DC tools from a single battery
Tired of running out of power at critical times? Frustrated with constantly purchasing different types of batteries that quickly fail and need to be replaced? Would you like a single battery system that will run all your DC tools, lights and equipment with more reliability and longer run times?
Lightweight and easy to transport, Robopaks® are heavy-duty all-weather systems that provide stable and reliable DC power, with extreme run times. With advanced battery technology providing multiple voltage capabilities (from 6v to 36v), a single Robopak® can power an infinite number of different brand and voltage tools, lights and equipment.

Robopaks® also solve charging problems associated with other types of batteries. Charge-friendly Robopaks® do not have memory problems, allowing recharge at any point of discharge, and they can be left on charge when not in use. Additional features include cost-saving refurbish battery replacement programs.

Featuring long run times, XL9210ToolsLights-765all-weather casing, lightweight, multiple voltage capabilities, powers multiple brands: DeWalt, Milwaukee, Hilti, Makita.

    Designed for Rescue:

  • Rapid Intervention
  • Extrication
  • Confined Space
  • Shoring
  • Structural Collapse
  • Any Emergency Situation