New Airbag Location: Headliner Mounted

TRW Automotive Holding Corp has unveiled a new headliner mounted  airbag system that replaces the traditional dash mounted passenger side airbag in the new Citroen C4.

Dubbed the “bag in the roof”, it is similar to other airbags in that it consists of a folded airbag cushion, a gas diffusion channel and compressed gas inflator much like a window curtain.  The bag unfolds along the windshield instead of from the dash toward the passenger. By limiting the need for an in-dash airbag system it lowers the cost of engineering and opens up room for improved interior design and future in-car electronic systems.

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For rescuers, it is good to be aware of this new headliner airbag system.  It can raise some concerns in extrication scenarios when cutting into the roof, particularly with proper patient and rescuer positioning during extrication.