Vehicle Stabilization Struts

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holmatro v strut

Holmatro V-Strut

  • No adjustment pins needed
  • Lightweight tool for instant, safe stabilization
  • All-in-one solution, no loose parts that may get forgotten or lost
  • Unique auto-lock system, pull up & locks in one motion
  • Serrated, multi-purpose head, for use with all types of vehicles
  • Built in tension belt with hook & ratchet for quick & easy attachment




holmataro v strut data holmatro v stut w car



junkyard dog snip

junkyard snip2




No Adjustment Pins Needed

  1. Just pull up to extend
  2. Rotate collar to fine tune
  3. Pull up collar to retract

Constructed of 14-gauge solid wall steel outer tube, inner threaded stainless steel column, double ZipNut® adjustment and Simpson ratchet and axle straps, our Struts are engineered to effectively accommodate conventional and ultra modern vehicle construction features. Independently tested to 10,000lbs with over a 2 to 1 safety factor. Available as G-Force: 27” retracted  to 42”extended or Nightmare: 51” retracted to 81” extended.

junkyard dog strut w car