Innotex Bunker Gear

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Innotex Energy is a unique patented combination of design and construction innovations enhances mobility and evaporative cooling. That means you expend less energy fighting your gear and heat stress… and have more energy  for doing what firefighters do best: fighting fires and saving lives.

innotex jacket4 Guiding Principles in Developing Innotex Energy:

  1.    Protection without comprise

  2.    Comfort like you’ve never experienced before

  3.    Increased Durability

  4.    Greater Usefulness




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A three-dimensional padding system that cushions the SCBA while creating Airflow channels (Patent Pending).

Built with heavy-duty mesh and precisely shaped, closed-cell foam, the Airflow channels manage perspiration while eliminating the sealed-envelope effect area when wearing an SCBA


Dual Metabolic Zones

Outer shell and thermal barrier properties have been optimized to create the Dual Metabolic Zones

The increased THL in high-perspiration zones provides increased comfort and mobility while reduced heat stress.

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