Innotex Bunker Gear

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INNOTEX® has over 30 years of experience in development, manufacturing and distribution of fire retardant protective clothing. It is now a leading North American manufacturer of NFPA 1971-2007 certified turnout gear.

INNOTEX® is committed to four key ideas in manufacturing turnout gear:

Available Stock Gear Sizes

Available Stock Gear Sizes

  1. Innovative Design: Lightweight designs provide a better fit, allowing your body to move freely.
  2. Durability: The best composites available with high-quality stitching and strategic reinforcement for unmatched protection.
  3. Safety: A Patented BR-1 Collar and unique one-piece “L” shape storm flap for the utmost protection.
  4. Quality: Performance-driven design and experienced workmanship results in a gear that you will be proud of.

Stock gear ships between 1-10 working days, except 4XL. Prices include shipping, no oversize charges!



INNO55Q3 Classic
INNO55Q3 Classic Image
Outer Shell : PBI®/Kevlar® with Matrix Gold
Moisture barrier: Crosstech® (Type 2c)
Thermal Liner: Quantum 3D™ 7.7oz™
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INNO65SB™ X Design
INNO65SB™ X Design  Image
Outershell : Fusion Kevlar®/Nomex®IIIA (Black)
Moisture barrier: Crosstech™(type 2F)
Thermal Liner: Chambray 7oz™
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INNO66222™ X Design
INNO66222™ X Design Image
Outershell : Kevlar®/Nomex®IIIA (Gold)
Moisture barrier: RT7100™(type 3D)
Thermal Liner: XLT-Lite Chambray 7.3oz™
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