Holmatro Spreaders

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Holmatro Rescue Tools:  Hydraulic Spreaders
(Available as Core or twin line)

Holmatro 5000 series spreaders – lighter than ever, no concessions. 

Holmatro’s newest innovation for spreaders is significant weight reduction without compromising spreading force and spreading distance. This has been achieved through a combination of new materials, component integration, and innovative design. The result? Five new spreaders with an outstanding performance-to-weight ratio.  This significantly reduces the physical burden to rescue personnel.  Two models are also available with Greenline battery technology.

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Some more features and benefits of the Holmatro 5000 series spreaders are:

holmatro spreader speed valve

Speed Valve:
Standard on all  Holmatro spreaders and rams. Tools open significantly faster, enabling faster tool positioning to speed up the extrication process.

  • Effective spreading tip profile for perfect grip.
  • New ergonomic carrying handle design increasing operator comfort in various working positions.
  • Upgraded LED lighting in carrying handle: six lights with higher light output. Never stand in your own shadow again.
  • Built-in speed valve for quicker opening of the arms to speed up spreader positioning.
  • Patented CORE Technology combining oil feed and return in one hose to make rescue operations safer, quicker and easier.
  • On battery-powered models: Greenline battery technology combining a long battery life with high capacity for maximum operational use. Advantages: self-contained for optimum freedom of movement, no emissions, low noise levels and suitable for use in all weather conditions.


holmatro cordless battery spreaders