Holmatro Cuts New Metal in 2014 Volvo V40 with Power to Spare

We are seeing lots of articles and pictures like the ones to the below, which show all the new strength metals that are being used in auto body construction.


But what challenges do these metals really provide during extrication?



Rescuers need to know if their tools and techniques that they currently use will still allow us to preform timely extrications.



holmatro_volvo_made_the_cutSo,Holmatro conducted a real-world test using the 2014 Volvo V40. Result? ALL of the cuts used less than half of the Holmatro 4050 NCT tool capacity to complete, leaving a lot of tool capacity in reserve, even on new cars.

LEFT: A 2014 Volvo V40, after a Holmatro 4050NCT hydraulic cutter was used to make strategic cuts in the areas most appropriate for rescue. ALL of the cuts were in Ultra High Strength Steel (UHSS) areas (see photo above right) with a pressure gauge attached to the tool so as to read the amount of force the tool used.

End result? Holmatro easily made the cut!