“Dash Jack” different on newer model cars?

Question: When doing a “Dash Jack” on late model cars with our hydraulic spreader, we are seeing very little movement to the dash area around the center transmission area and beyond, why?

Answer: The simple answer is stronger metals and added reinforcement for offset frontal crashes. Auto manufacturers are now using Martensitic metal on the forward bulkhead. This metal is 40% lighter and 10 times stronger than previous metals used in this area. It is also being used to tie the dash into the transmission.

This reinforcement is designed in an offset frontal crash to absorb some of the energy and help maintain the integrity of the compartment. Though hard to get to, these stringers can easily be cut once they are exposed. Another option is to ram or jack the dash from the center transmission area and break these stringers free. But beware of the airbag systems DERM unit located in the center console location.