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SR20 Pump – 4050NCT Cutter – 4240 Spreader – 4350 Telescopic Ram – 2 x 50’ Core Hose
DPU30 pump – 3040NCT Cutter – 3242 Spreader – 3350 Telescopic ram – 2 x 32’ Core Hose
GCU5050 Cutter – GSP 4240 Spreader – (4) 28volt batteries – (2) charger
3150 Combi Tool Twin Line or Core Fully serviced New LED carry handl

Innotex Bunker Gear

 ISG E380 Thermal Camera

 Steel cutting saws & Ajax Tools



A Better Way to Cut Laminated Glass

The NHTSA is set on making the automotive industry switch from using tempered glass to a laminated glass on all side windows by 2017. This means change for rescuers.  Using a window punch tool will no longer be an option to gain access from the side of the car, and using a reciprocating saw or manual glass saw close to your patients head may not be the best choice. [Read more…]

New! Lightweight Holmatro 5000 Series Speaders

NEW Product Release Spring 2015!  Holmatro 5000 series spreaders . 

Holmatro’s is launching their new 5000 series spreaders, designed for significant weight reduction without compromising spreading force and spreading distance. This has been achieved through a combination of new materials, component integration, and innovative design.

The result? Five new spreaders with an outstanding performance-to-weight ratio.  This significantly reduces the physical burden to rescue personnel.  Two models are also available with Greenline battery technology for increased freedom of movement.


“Dash Jack” different on newer model cars?

Question: When doing a “Dash Jack” on late model cars with our hydraulic spreader, we are seeing very little movement to the dash area around the center transmission area and beyond, why?

Answer: The simple answer is stronger metals and added reinforcement for offset frontal crashes. Auto manufacturers are now using Martensitic metal on the forward bulkhead. This metal is 40% lighter and 10 times stronger than previous metals used in this area. It is also being used to tie the dash into the transmission.

[Read more…]

New Airbag Location: Headliner Mounted

TRW Automotive Holding Corp has unveiled a new headliner mounted  airbag system that replaces the traditional dash mounted passenger side airbag in the new Citroen C4.

Dubbed the “bag in the roof”, it is similar to other airbags in that it consists of a folded airbag cushion, a gas diffusion channel and compressed gas inflator much like a window curtain.  The bag unfolds along the windshield instead of from the dash toward the passenger. By limiting the need for an in-dash airbag system it lowers the cost of engineering and opens up room for improved interior design and future in-car electronic systems.

headliner airbag wc fire blog

For rescuers, it is good to be aware of this new headliner airbag system.  It can raise some concerns in extrication scenarios when cutting into the roof, particularly with proper patient and rescuer positioning during extrication.




The Easiest Way to Handle Tire Valve Stems

Having problems pulling the valve stems to remove air from tires?  The vehicle may have a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). This is an integrated transmitter in the wheel that shows up on your dash as [Read more…]

Frontal Impact Crash Test Change Shifts Damage Areas in Vehicle Extrication

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has changed testing in regards to frontal impact.  The IIHS has now reduced the strike area on a frontal impact test from 40% to 25% overlap (this simulates striking a pole or tree). The crash force now bypasses the frontal crumple zone leading to greater damage to the passenger cell. It can also move the steering wheel towards the center of the vehicle, which reduces, if not totally removes, the effectiveness of the driver’s airbag.


Because of this new testing we are already starting to see changes in vehicle design and metals used in the frame, door and foot area of many models. One of the more significant things we are seeing is an increase in the metal strength around the bottom hinge into the rocker panel. [Read more…]

Holmatro Cuts New Metal in 2014 Volvo V40 with Power to Spare

We are seeing lots of articles and pictures like the ones to the below, which show all the new strength metals that are being used in auto body construction.


But what challenges do these metals really provide during extrication?


[Read more…]

Silent Running – Not Just for Hybrids Anymore!

mercedes eco button

On a recent vacation my rental car (non– hybrid) had an interesting feature, an “ECO” start/stop option on the dash. This feature is being seen in at least two 2014 non-hybrid models (Mercedes S350 & Chevy Malibu).  You can find more information on the Mercedes Eco Start/Stop function here.

This option switches the engine off when the vehicle comes to a standstill, for example [Read more…]