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At West Coast Fire & Rescue we provide rescue equipment and training classes to the fire industry in the Pacific Northwest. By focusing on a few select product lines and the highest-quality products, we can provide the best equipment, training and service at the most competitive prices.  Our specialty expertise is vehicle extrication and heavy rescue with tools such as cutters, rams, spreaders, and stabilization gear powered by hydraulics, batteries or hand power.

We understand there are many choices and options in the rescue industry today, including buying from generalist suppliers representing thick product catalogs without specialty expertise. But if your department chooses quality, along with a lifetime of service and support, then we are sure the products and service provided by West Coast Fire & Rescue will be your choice!

We want to earn your business, but we are even more focused on serving your needs and earning you as a customer for life. If you have any questions or need any further information, do not hesitate to contact me or another member of the West Coast family.

Thanks for taking a look at what West Coast Fire & Rescue has to offer. We look forward to working with you in the near future.

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Tracy Hoffman
President, West Coast Fire & Rescue



About Tracy Hoffman


Tracy is the owner of 14 9 Tracy instructor bioWest Coast Fire & Rescue. He is a veteran instructor of vehicle extrication techniques, leading more than 500 hands-on extrication demos and instruction courses.

Tracy serves numerous fire departments in Washington and Idaho. He participates in several regional fire symposiums as an instructor and over the years has cut apart an estimate of over 2,000 cars and trucks. He began firefighting in 1990 in Lake Tahoe, California.

Since 1998, Tracy has been working exclusively with Holmatro Rescue tools and is the only certified Holmatro service technician within Washington state.