A Better Way to Cut Laminated Glass

The NHTSA is set on making the automotive industry switch from using tempered glass to a laminated glass on all side windows by 2017. This means change for rescuers.  Using a window punch tool will no longer be an option to gain access from the side of the car, and using a reciprocating saw or manual glass saw close to your patients head may not be the best choice.

 So what is an effective and safe window cutting solution?  


Snapper Shears

West Coast Fire & Rescue now offers a great solution to cutting laminated glass found in today’s windshields and tomorrow’s side windows: Snapper Shears. These cutting shears are quick, safe and produce less glass dust than a hand or reciprocating saw. 

Features: 14.4volt 3AMP lithium ion battery, fully adjustable head and light weight. Kit includes cutting tool, 2 batteries, 40 minute charger, and carry case.

Special introductory price US $219